Are We There Yet?

My primary thought today is of how worn out I am.  Between day job and new business, I’ve put in close to 120 hours a week for the last six weeks.  I wish I were joking or exaggerating, but I’m not.  The final push is coming up, along with some of the more rewarding tasks prior to opening the business.  29 days to go…and my task tracker is a whopping 42 items long.


I make a lot of lists, but find them less and less helpful.  Things that can wait must wait.  Things that I know I will put off (procrastination) or that will take a while must be started today.  Everything else falls into the spectrum of a drop dead date.  I might not start the project until a day or two before the deadline, but it will get done.


This wonderful thing happens almost every day, though.  I am worn to pieces during the afternoon (I go in at 5:30 a.m. and get off at 4 p.m.) but somewhere around 5 p.m., especially if I have items in my in-box from vendors or a note of encouragement, I catch a second wind.  I want this business to be, and I enjoy what I do.  That provides me with a little spike of energy that will sometimes carry me until 11 p.m. or midnight. As tired as I am at this moment, 10 minutes before I head for home, I know that second wind is coming like a cool breeze on a southern summer afternoon.  It is this “extra measure of Grace” that sustains me and makes pursuing my dreams possible. 


I have it in my mind that things will settle down and be more peaceful after opening and the initial flurry.  I expect this is true, but, depending on how fast we make it onto the Google lists, it might not last.  I am looking forward to the differences involved in running a business as opposed to starting one.  Accounting, legalities, licenses, and structure will be completed.  Expanding inventory, providing the best customer service I can provide, and launching the new line are tasks I look forward to.  No more agonizing over domains, start up money, initial web design, logos and account set ups.  All of that, for the most part, will be behind me.  Once routines are established and we are operating somewhat smoothly, I’ll have more time to sleep, write, and talk to my family.  While I have my hopes, I don’t expect us to hit a level of sales that is not sustainable on my current schedule for a little while yet.  Breathing room.


There’s some fun stuff coming up in the next three weeks.  Placing and receiving my first orders for inventory will be fun.  Photographing all the items to be uploaded into the shopping cart will also be an enjoyable task.  Watching all the elements of the web site click into place will be a relief; test driving it will be fun as well.  I am looking forward to it, though I don’t have the energy to get too excited at the moment.




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