Watching Grass Grow…Sorta

I love my products, but even being totally enamored with every journal I will sell, I still find loading an online shopping cart about the most tedious thing I have ever done.  It’s right up there with watching grass grow.  Can you say boooorrriiinng?  /YAWN.


I do feel a sense of accomplishment that I’ve gotten the essentials entered.  I even figured out how to use associations and options.  I’m proud of that, lol.  But, oh my, that was four hours of mind-numbing click and click and click, type, click and click again.


Didn’t help to find out the photos I took were too big to upload.  About the time I was ready to try again, hubby needed bandwidth, so I sat for 5 minutes, timed out, logged back in, then crashed the page because I tried to save the same time the SSL was being put on the site.  It’s funny now.  It wasn’t funny when I thought I’d have to quit four items from being done!


Done is a relative term, anyway.  I will rapidly expand my inventory as the money comes in from sales to do so.  The “click, click, and click again” process and I will be very old friends before long.  The kind of friend you hope you don’t see while out running errands because they drone on for an hour about the most tedious thing they’ve done in the last 30 days.


Ah, well.  The preview looks good, I learned a lot, and my SSL is installed, making me secure and safe to shop with.


It’s a good thing I’ve finally found a sure-fire cure for insomnia as well.  I’m off to bed.  Tomorrow, I’ll step it up a notch and spend time watching the front lawn.


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