Bloggers, Social Media, and Helping Others

Michael Martine suffered a frightening auto accident, and then asked for help.  Was it viral?  Nearly so.  His circumstances and his offer of a free Webinar (donations optional) were spread from blog to blog, tweet to tweet, and all over our little corner of the blogosphere.

James at Men With Pens (I’m a groupie…still waiting for my groupie kit) posted an insightful piece on what it means to be vulnerable.  The comments were a hot ticket with so many of us confessing we keep up a great front for the sake of our readers, clients, and customers.  James started a new section in their forums for people to barter skills, time, or services for what they need (not money).  I’m only disappointed that more people haven’t taken advantage of his generous offering.

You see, we are all human, we bloggers and tweeters and online business owners.  Some of us are struggling financially.  How can we say so?  We don’t want clients or customers to think we are needy.  Some of us struggle with relationships, events, and illnesses that no one knows about because, again, who wants to purchase a service from someone who doesn’t have it all together?

I would love to have total transparency and know my readers liked me anyway.  For someone like me, still on the fringe and unable to compete (yet) with the big players, and working to make an online business fly, it seems a risk I can’t afford to take.

I would love to get to know the bloggers I read faithfully because their quirks and pains and responses to life make their professionalism so much more impressive and makes me feel more comfortable around them (knowing they are human, too).

It is a discussion opened in the comments on the Men With Pens post.  I can only hope and pray the discussion remains open and allows some of us to become more transparent.

Michael replaced his vehicle, by the way, and is so thankful for the help that was given freely and happily.


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