Feeling Bare


Good writing…the kind that comes from deep within…leaves the writer bare, exposed to the world.

It is uncomfortable…and empowering.

Most of what a writer produces is never read as an intimate discourse on who the writer is. The writer knows. The deepest pieces are the ones we are most sensitive about. Rejection is, in a sense, rejection of us. It is hard, at first, to allow oneself to be vulnerable, though it does get easier with time.

I really like a quote I keep on my computer…

“Writers are not just people who sit down and write. they hazard themselves. Every time you compose a book your composition of yourself is at stake.”

E.L. Doctorow

But my favorite, because it makes me smile, is:

“Everything that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And later on you can use it in some story.”                                                                                           Tapani Bagge

I hope I can always keep the willing to be vulnerable!


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