Coffee, Tea, or IV?


I have a great business idea. An IDEA with a flashing light attached. That I am not a medical professional, hate needles, and have no idea what it would do to my veins is beside the point.

I think.

I am going to invent a caffeine IV drip. This lovely invention will hang above my bed on a timer. 20 minutes before my first alarm goes off, the drip will start. 20 minutes before my last alarm (I have three) goes off, it will open wide and slam that wonderful chemical into my bloodstream.

In my imagination, I’ll hear that last alarm with eyes popped open and heart pumping from a serious morning dose of caffeine. It should work great, right? I’ll even volunteer to have a permanent line installed in a big artery so it goes straight to my brain.

To wake up full of chemical-induced energy would be second only to waking up naturally and full of energy. I work at 4:30 in the morning, so I think I’m better off opting for my new invention.

I might even bring my coffee consumption down to a single cup. I could even save the wear and tear on my stomach.

Sounds great to me! Anyone with me?


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One response to “Coffee, Tea, or IV?

  1. dlg

    There are days that would be nice, but the cpap works wonders too

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