Stealing from Others and In My Dreams

I have fought this temptation for far too long.  I am boldly stealing an idea from TheSassyKathy because I have fallen in love with it and simply can’t resist! (I keep The Sassy Kathy in the creativity section of my reader because she inspires me).

Lest you think I have totally plagiarized her wonderful Book Lust, She and I have different tastes and different Internet haunts.  And of course, I can’t call it Book Lust…that would be rude.  I would call it  “my fetish” but I am not sure the spam blocker could keep up with that!   I think I shall call it “In My Dreams.”  We’ll see.

So, what is this idea?  Photos of things I want in my home….namely books and book shelves.  I am such a book addict I’ve filled my china cabinet with them and ran out of shelf space more than two years ago.  We really need to work on that this summer.



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