The Road Less Traveled

road-less-traveled1Let’s talk about life for a minute.   I’ve run across several posts this week the subject.

First, The Bold Life posted How to be Bold Enough to Surrender.   As I was already exploring a plot for a novel based on surrender, the article was a bit of serendipity for me.  Control ends up controlling us.  Surrender gives us freedom.  This isn’t something people learn early, unless they want to.  It is something that sometimes comes with age, and often not at all.  Surrender doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you.  It means giving up your expectations of others, and sometimes yourself.  The less control you try to exert over other people and circumstances, the more freedom you have.

The Change Blog’s article, Loving the Life You Have, Not the One You Think You Want speaks to our human tendency to be dissatisfied with where we are.  I am an advocate for living simply and well within your means.  There’s so much less stress that way!  If we can rid ourselves of the pressure of trying to keep up, we can rid ourselves of a lot of trouble.

Zen Habits on Why You Should Think About Encouraging Others To Be Brilliant speaks clearly to me of my own nature.  I don’t care if you think I’m brilliant, but if you need encouragement, I’m your gal.

What do these three articles have in common?  They all argue against going with the flow and trying to succeed through society’s means.  It is by going against this flow, I’m convinced, that you will find your happiness and purpose.  Success in life shouldn’t be measured in dollars or prestige.  It should be measured in contentment and relationships.

Here’s something else to think about.  If you are on life’s superhighway to satisfaction, you are competing against everyone else in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  If you forge your own path or follow the way of your values, you’ll find much less competition, more beautiful scenery, and better mileage.

Just a thought.



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2 responses to “The Road Less Traveled

  1. J.C

    Thanks for this post. I needed the reminder too. Once again I’m forgetting that the universe will provide me with clear signposts and a beautiful life/blissful happiness if I just let go of my desire to ‘know’ what the future will hold.

  2. bjkeltz

    Letting go is an ongoing challenge, yes? 🙂

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