In My Dreams – Office Envy

Pictures of great home offices…










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5 responses to “In My Dreams – Office Envy

  1. dlg

    I can see you in picture 4, 5, or 6. 😉

  2. J.C

    ooo gimme 5! lol looking at things like this makes me realize how much i need to get around to properly setting up my office space

  3. bjkeltz

    Hmmm I think if I had to choose just one, it would be six. I love the idea of a little building all my own with no distractions. And Cassie, you have good taste! DLG, I think I’d pick 4 over 5 but it’s a close call.

  4. J.C

    oh duh, I meant 6 lol my counting isn’t great with two kids in my ear I think! I’d love my own space, out of the house, away from everyone.
    Right now I can hear the rugby on TV, Lauren talking to Mr. Elephant, Ivy begging Simon for him to switch it to kid tv instead of the rugby, Simon saying that he won’t, the dog’s nails clicking on the wood of the floor in this room as she paces, unable to decide where the best spot is to lie, cars going past on the road….. yeah, I’m not gonna get a lot done today with my writing I think….

  5. dlg

    You’d probably pick 4 over 5 because it doesn’t appear to be as confining. Just a guess. 😉

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