In My Dreams

A writer’s retreat.  Alone.  By myself.  No one around unless I felt like seeking someone out.

There are official retreats, such as Hedgebrook, My Retreat, The Porches.  Then there are unofficial getaway retreats I find my soul thirsting for.

What I have in mind is a small place in the middle of nowhere.  I don’t even care if there are utilities, though it would be nice to type sometimes as it is faster.

It isn’t really about the cabin…it is about getting away from phones, internet, pressure, noise, and responsibility long enough to simply BE and know what you need or want.  I crave it to the point of tears most days.






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5 responses to “In My Dreams

  1. J.C

    oo that second to last one looks awesome!

  2. dlg

    You still long for the West Coast at times, don’t you?
    All the ones in the pictures look pretty nice. How far is # 3 from you?

  3. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are at the eastern end of the state in the smoky mountains. I want to say it is a 6 hour drive? There are tons of cabins over there but a lot of them are not secluded at all.

  4. I always long for the west coast and the rocky mountains. If I had my druthers and wealth, the coast somewhere between Portland and Seattle would be wonderful, though I would be happy anywhere in the northern rockies, I think. Did you know Twin Rivers Ranch is on the net? They even have pictures of the cabins we stayed in for our ladies’ retreat from Dry Creek Bible Church.

  5. dlg

    I’ll look up Twin Rivers Ranch soon. Thanks for telling me.

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