In My Dreams: A Long, Hot (uninterrupted) Soak


What can I say?  Sometimes the only thing in the world that is “just right” is a long hot soak.  Whether a glass of wine or an instrumental CD is your thing (don’t forget the book!), you just can’t go wrong.

Alas, my tub is not big enough, long enough, or kept clean enough for a good soak, and the overflow drain is too low to get much water.  These pictures are amazing, and perhaps I’ll sit in one in my dreams.  Just a note:  I cannot abide metal next to my skin except for gold and sterling silver (can’t even use metal pens), so this copper lovely would have to be redone for me.

victorianbathtt_13000_marmaidThis next one is so beautiful, but it looks fragile and thin (as if it might not stay warm or a slipping foot might go through it).


And the ellipses…can’t forget those!  The last one on the list, Chromatherapy, comes in blue, green, and orange.  I am definitely a green gal, but I’d take the blue, too!






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