In My Dreams – Wall Decals, Cool Stuff


I ran across this web site through Hooked on Houses or one of her blogs/links (great blog if you like houses!)   I think the idea is clever and though not new, much could be done with new materials.  I do have a question.

In the south, the walls tend to be smooth, but in the north/northwest, they have a texture to them.  While these decals would work well on a smooth wall, wouldn’t it be best to apply them to a thin material like veneer, pressboard or wallboard before attaching to the wall?  It might give it a slightly three-dimensional effect as well. Only  a few decals would be simple to do that way.  The rest would be very time intensive.  Might make it easier to redo the wall, eh?

Lovely ideas in here, and of course I love the quotes.  My favorite is the “We Do” quote toward the end.



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  1. J.C

    oh, I love the third to last one, it’s gorgeous… they look really neat! Gonna check out that site – always looking for ideas for our house, now that it IS ours!

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