Recycled Materials for Housing


I guess the three people that read this blog already know I’m a house-aholic.  Here are a couple interesting links for the use of old shipping containers to build houses.  It takes less energy to convert a container than it does to melt one down.  They are efficient, stable, and resistant to both rot and termites.  Now they just need to bring the cost down to entice more people.  As of this posting, container houses cost about as much as conventional construction.  The house pictured above was built from containers.

So…Recycled Homes, One Box at a Time (which includes the CNN video) and a related article on CNN’s site.

My passion is finding ways for housing to serve us rather than for us to serve housing… incidentally the same way I feel about telephones; I refuse to be slave to a phone, either.  Lower maintenance, more verstatile usage, less square footage (less drain on resources, both construction and the cost of heating/cooling).  I watch the microhousing segment as well as the green community groups.  I think the best I could do for myself would be to own/run a B&B or a retreat center in a sustainable way.  But that is another post…


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