In My Dreams – The World of Water

I’ve had a fascination with aquariums from way back.  Perhaps it’s having traces (okay, traits) of adult ADD or that I can be a worrier, but I’ve never found anything as peaceful or calming as the sight of fish swimming in their watery world.  I’ve kept various tanks over the years, but my current 55 gallon sits empty and has since I took my current job.  Just not enough energy or hours in the day.

Recently, Crooked Brains did several posts with photos of incredible aquariums.  Any photos without attribution can be found in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of his aquarium posts.  I don’t have comments for most of these, though I do prefer natural aquariums as seen in the second photo, and I think the aquarium bathroom fixtures are flat out funny.



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  1. Amy

    Those are beautiful! I love the last one~!!

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