New Novel


So, as soon as the beta readers for Recompense acknowledged arrival, I started another novel.  This one has the tentative title of Edge of Dawn.  It comes from a comment the MC makes “I feel as if I live on the edge of dawn.  If I can just hang on a few more minutes, light will arrive.”

So far so good.  My word count is typical for first drafts, hovering around 3,000 per day.  The MC is behaving enough to satisfy the premise, but leading me around enough to make her more interesting.  I love her dog, Stella, a sleek, small-boned Doberman.

I think it was Hemingway who said he could only write about the U.S. in Paris, and Paris while in Spain and Spain while in the U.S. (I might have them out of order).  His point is that we internalize and remember these places best when we are no longer in them.  Such is the same for me.  My  seven years in Tennessee have become a backdrop for Edge of Dawn.  Carrie is driving streets I drove, shopping at stores I frequented, and eating in restaurants I loved or wish I’d gotten to try.  That part of the story has been fun.

Her circumstances are less fun to write.  The “villain” is offstage, so to speak, and in the past, so his character and villainy need to be related through memory, dialog, and the odd dream.   Interesting process.



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