Edge of Dawn Rough Draft

7888171192_b2cf1d68c6_zThe rough draft for my latest novel, Edge of Dawn, is complete at 81,000 words.  I’ll take the weekend off and start the continuity check on Monday.

This is the first novel I’ve written in entirely chronological order.  I really enjoyed that.  I expect I’ll find dull and boring passages as a result, but it sure comes out more cohesive that way.  I don’t want to get used to it.   Edge of Dawn is my sixth novel*, the third in terms of possibility for publishing, and the only one to come out in chronological order.  Recompense (Gold Hill) came out in scenes, disordered, unattached, unrelated, and all over the continuum of the story.  It was the worst of the six in that respect.

I like that each one is a different kind of birth.  I learn a lot each time I disgorge a rough draft.  They are unlike my short stories, which are born mostly intact.  Some novels come in pieces and have to be assembled.  Some come out essentially backward.  Some give me the first 20,000 and the last 20,000 words and I have to create the middle 40k.  If variety is the spice of life, I am very spicy!

I’m happy with the premise.  My MC is in witness protection and terrified to get close to anyone because the villain is appealing his conviction and death sentence.  The secondary character doesn’t want to let her get away.

I’m happy with how these two first connect in their mutual love for their dogs and an appreciation of each other’s art.

I like the by-play and interaction between his roommate and her U.S.Marshall.

I like the crisis scenes and the ending scenes.

I like the bits of comic relief.

I like it all now. I might change my mind on Monday when I dig back into it.  After continuity and making a list of the major issues, Edge of Dawn will rest for a while.  I learned that trick with Recompense.  Revision is so much easier once I’m no longer “in” the novel with the characters.


**  The first three will never see the light of day.  Excellent “practice” pieces, but they were just that:  practice.  I learned so much from each one, though!


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