The Sarcastic Muse

DSCF9942 - with flamesOver this past week,  Amanda Headlee, K.S. Blacketer, Michelle Mueller and I have launched a new blog titled The Sarcastic Muse.  Why that title?  Because each of us feels and appreciates the sarcasm our writing life offers.  Jen Bradlee and Robyn LaRue will also be writing for the site.  We will soon be joined by another writer as well.

Our voices and styles are wildly different.  Jen writes romantic erotica – hot stuff!  K.S. writes romance and is published at Romantic Shorts.  She rates fiction kisses by whether they give her butterflies.  Amanda writes horror and deep suspense and has a short story appearing in an anthology later this year.  I don’t read her stuff in the dark.  Michelle writes whatever comes (often fantasy) and is poetic.  Her prose is lyrical and rhythmic like good poetry and music. Robyn writes adult contemporary, suspense, chick lit, and other genres.

The Sarcastic Muse will also feature a weekly video on the topics of writing and creativity culled from sources such as The Big Think, TED Talks, publisher and bookstore websites, and individual authors who share their knowledge with us in video format.

The bulk of my writing about writing will appear there, while I will continue here about my individual projects and personal journey.

Hannah Scott:  @thewritinghabit

K.S. Blacketer: @KirBlacketer

Amanda Headlee: @amandaheadlee

The Sarcastic Muse: @sarcastic_muse


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