What I Learned from #theWVoice


1.  I can no longer say I’ve never won anything.  The rafflecopter picked me.

2.  This is/was the nicest, most supportive bunch of contestants and coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

3.  My query does indeed need an overhaul, as I suspected.

4.  My first 250 apparently do not (per comments anyway, there’s always room for improvement).

5.  It’s easier to handle disappointment when all the entries were seriously so damn good.

6.  @annettetdodd is an amazing stats woman

7.  It’s okay to be humorous and serious at the same time.

8.  My site got visits from all over the world.

9.  It’s easy for even a shy person to make friends in such a competition if she lets herself.

10.  Contests such as #TheWVoice, PitMad, #PitchWars, and #QueryKombat  can be well worth your time for feedback, making new friends/connections, and generally putting yourself out there.  Instead of the cold and lonely plunge into the sea of agents, you can get your feet wet in warmer water and learn a lot. (Though The Write Voice is the only one I’ve participated in, the experience was so positive I’m sure there will be others in my future.)

11.  I will follow these entries through the next rounds of the contest.  Every one of them is outstanding and I hope to learn a few things by contrasting original queries with the polished queries posted for the agents round.

12.  I’m a little sad it’s over for me because I’ve enjoyed these writers and coaches immensely.

13. I’m so happy to have made some great new twitter friends.

14.  I have tremendous respect for the coaches and the effort they expended to make The Writers Voice happen.



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3 responses to “What I Learned from #theWVoice

  1. I ❤ this so much. Every last word is true. I made some new friends, learned a lot, and hopefully once it's over my query will kick a$$. Tweet me, email me, whatever, if you ever want another pair of eyes on your work or just want to vent about how awful/thrilling/vomit-inducing/yet so worth it this writer journey can be!!

  2. Glad to see you’re converted to pitch contests! They great, not only for being able to pitch to agents, but making connections. I love being able to connect with other writers because then I don’t feel so crazy 🙂

  3. Ooh, look! I got a mention, lol! :o) #Chuffed

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