About Hannah Scott

I write primarily at The Sarcastic Muse.  Please join me, my alter ego Robyn LaRue, and my author/aspiring writer friends at The Sarcastic Muse for all things writerly.  I’ll be posting here 2013, focusing on the query process and what I learn along the way.

For folks who followed writeyourmindjournals.com and the Enriched by Words blog, my apologies.  Life happens and I was no longer able to retain hosting for the site.  For those familiar with the name BJ Keltz, I decided a web presence under my pen name was of more value.  I’ll confess I got caught up in the internet and social media, and lost my time to write.  The articles were retained and will be moved to this site as I get time, because writing comes first.

Why two pen names?  It’s simple.  Half of my stories are dark or adult.  The other half are Young Adult.  My mother nearly had a heart attack when I brought home Judy Blume’s Wifey at the tender age of 12 (I read it anyway, but secretly).  I’d like to spare other moms.

To Contact Me:

The Sarcastic Muse – blog/articles


Facebook “Author” page

hannahscottwrites [at] gmail [dot] com

writerrobynlarue [at] gmail [dot] com


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