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Why is it I always sleep better when it rains?  Why is it, despite the effect of rising barometric pressure on my body and skull, I find release when the storm clouds break open, intent upon washing the streets and highways clean?  And why do I dream about rain?










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It’s the Heat

I wouldn’t be caught dead in public in a bathing suit if not for this heat.  As it is, my most recent day dreams all begin with one of these:

So while I’m fantasizing about a nice cool dip on a real hot day, I flow on over to Google and take a look.  The first pool I saw made me sit back and think.  Can anyone guess what the shape reminds me of and why I won’t be commissioning this particular pool in my lifetime?

This one's just confusing.

And since I have a real problem with heights, the following pools won’t find their way into my world any time soon:

There are some pretty cool pools out there, and I’d be over the moon with any of these:

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Mmmmm, Chocolate

I adhere to the theory that chocolate is a vital food group…at least for women, and certainly for me.  I’m astonished that I have had NO CHOCOLATE in five days!!  Just not craving it at the moment.

But…I couldn’t resist looking at it.  It’s okay, this post is not scratch and sniff, so you can look, but the temptation is all visual.

SaratogaChocolatesSChocolateschocolate-vaultchocolatexmasromantic-bedroom-decor-chocolatesassorted-chocolates_000godiva-dark-chocolatechocolates4-bigcupcakechoc cakechoc heart cakehot chocolate 1

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In My Dreams – The World of Water

I’ve had a fascination with aquariums from way back.  Perhaps it’s having traces (okay, traits) of adult ADD or that I can be a worrier, but I’ve never found anything as peaceful or calming as the sight of fish swimming in their watery world.  I’ve kept various tanks over the years, but my current 55 gallon sits empty and has since I took my current job.  Just not enough energy or hours in the day.

Recently, Crooked Brains did several posts with photos of incredible aquariums.  Any photos without attribution can be found in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of his aquarium posts.  I don’t have comments for most of these, though I do prefer natural aquariums as seen in the second photo, and I think the aquarium bathroom fixtures are flat out funny.


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The Romance of a Castle…

joslynOkay, I’m feeling whimsical (which isn’t rare by any means).  Did you know the United States has its share of castles, such as Joslyn Castle pictured here?

The website kept by James the Castlefinder is a joint effort with lovers of castles across the nation and offers an every growing list of castles in the United States.  He and his wife Patricia have been working on their own, Dupont Castle, for eleven years.

If you are interested in castles world-wide, here’s a link list of some great web sites to browse.

I am intrigued by ordinary people who work hard to put their vision into a livable form.  Whether a lumber baron in the 1800s, a family in 1970, or a fleet owner from the 1790s, people have loved castles long after they were no longer built (of course an ancient “original” castle is a drafty place, though modern castles are quite cozy).

kettsThe castle to the left was built sometime around 1970 and is still a private residence.  It is one interpretation of what a castle lover might build.  I’m pretty old school myself…if I were to build a castle, it would be a keep inside proper baileys, but that’s just me.  Others are creating stunning homes on the romantic castle theme for no other reason than their love of castles and their history.

Incidentally, ALL of the unlinked photos in this post are from Jim’s site linked above (make sure you scroll down below his initial web text to find the castles).   Castles with links are, of course, used with attribution to the site I found them on, though I landed on those sites frequently because of links on Jim’s site.

castleeventsCastles speak for themselves, so I’ll just get to posting a few photos below in just a minute.

I have to say, if I were going to the trouble to build a castle, I would make an effort to have a matching interior.  Castles built today seem to have interiors that are every bit as modern as the local home show.  Now, I’ve never been into houses only for their appearance.  I’m most thrilled with houses that have the same character within as without.  Should I one day build a castle, you can rest assured the interior will evoke all the mood of the period the castle represents.  Quite a speech, sorry, and I don’t mean to offend anyone who built a modern castle with modern furnishings.  Just stating my personal opinion.

Of course, if you are interested in building a castle, there are a few construction companies that specialize in them.  It took a bit but I found my bookmark (from before I met Zotero) for one such company.  Here’s the link: Castle Magic and check out their four tower castle under their plans…it’s based on Bodiam, one of the very romantic “water castles” (see below).


bam15026330bodian-castle-dan-hauselcastledoverbodiam04Sorry for posting two shots of Bodiam, but the water setting is one of my favorites.

If you have seen the movie Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore, and loved the royal castle, it is the Chateau de Hautefort.  The images are too wonky for me to get shots to post, but the least I can do is post their website and a separate image.


Okay, I’ve spent a lot of time here and caught myself explaining the architectural and defensive differences between Leeds, Windsor Castle,  and Hampton Court.  I was also about to give my opinion of Blenheim Palace…a beautiful palace, yes, but not a castle.  Ah yes, well, I think it’s time this post comes to an end. 🙂

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In My Dreams – Writing Desks

I do like tables better than desks, and even though I use a computer a lot, I still need free space to write longhand or spread out my stuff.  I think these writing desks are beautiful and would love to have any one of them. 🙂






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In My Dreams – Wall Decals, Cool Stuff


I ran across this web site through Hooked on Houses or one of her blogs/links (great blog if you like houses!)   I think the idea is clever and though not new, much could be done with new materials.  I do have a question.

In the south, the walls tend to be smooth, but in the north/northwest, they have a texture to them.  While these decals would work well on a smooth wall, wouldn’t it be best to apply them to a thin material like veneer, pressboard or wallboard before attaching to the wall?  It might give it a slightly three-dimensional effect as well. Only  a few decals would be simple to do that way.  The rest would be very time intensive.  Might make it easier to redo the wall, eh?

Lovely ideas in here, and of course I love the quotes.  My favorite is the “We Do” quote toward the end.


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