My current fiction Wips are:

Recompense:  In Query to Agents, Hannah Scott

Curiosity and secrets were ever Lillian’s downfall.  When ancient rumors of what lies in the heart of Gold Mountain resurface, she’s even willing to team up with three classmates to discover the source, a revelation that will prove far more dangerous than she expects.  Her new-found knowledge forces Lillian to decide if she will risk embracing her own truth (and secrets) to protect the people she’s come to love from an unspeakable evil.

If you are interested in Lillian’s journey, a literary young adult novel with a supernatural twist, I am happy to send the completed manuscript of 63,000 words.   This story might appeal to readers of The Secret Life of Bees and is unique in that Recompense is not about the monster, but the responsibilities we embrace for those we love.

Edge of Dawn:  Romantic Suspense?  In Edits, Robyn LaRue

The last thing Carrie Donovan needed was to trust someone.  Her life depended on the opposite.  Wade, however, wasn’t so easily discouraged.  Just when Carrie thinks she can relax and let someone in, her past arrives, unexpected and  murderous.  So much for witness protection…

Song of the Elements:  YA Fantasy, resting, next in line for edits, Hannah Scott

One of two rejects for study at the academy for elemental magic, Ty is shocked to discover he isn’t powerless as he’s been told.  In fact, he’s the first to wield his element in generations.   Now if only he could figure out how to do it well before the target on his back got him killed.

Short Stories (completed):  Preparing to submit the first four to publications.

  • Banned – flash fiction, 
  • The Princess Dress – short fiction, women’s fiction
  • The First – short fiction, dark
  • Animal Control – short fiction, dark
  • Habitat – short story, in revision, mild horror, dark


Two series are in the works, one a Young Adult, and one Adult Contemporary/Suspense


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